I help you understand the link between your little one's sleep and:

Activity Routines
Feeding /
Bonding /
Room setup Development
Personality Temperament

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to sleep. I believe in a gentle holistic approach to guide newborns, infants, toddlers, and young children towards sleep.

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This empowers parents like you to create a calming environment, understand your individual baby or child, and promote sleep in your home.

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Want to know a little bit more about me and my philosophy on sleep? Head over to the ‘About Me’ page.

There’s more information over on the ‘Blog’ if you are looking for all things sleep.

The most common questions I hear from parents wondering if they are ready to engage a sleep consultant, generally revolve around the strategies I use in my program. I follow a responsive settling approach because I believe we can learn more about our children when we cue into their behaviours and support them in learning new skills.

I’m passionate about allowing families to set their own goals regarding sleep. These may be to lengthen naps, wean night feeds, reduce night wakings, decrease bedtime battles, decrease anxiety around going to bed. I want you, my client, to guide me in what we work towards.

This is why my sleep plans are customised and written in consultation with each individual family.

I follow up with families so I can tweak or change strategies, celebrate the many sleep wins, and provide support to parents.

I’m more than happy to discuss your unique family and develop a plan that will suit you. Book in for your complimentary phone consultation

Words from happy families...

Parents of an 8month old:
"Sarah took the time to get to know my son and our family. There was nothing generic about the support she provided. It was tailored specifically to us. With Sarah’s help we were finally able to support our son to sleep independently"

Parents of a 5month old:
Sarah helped us with our little bubs sleep and getting a really nice plan happening for making bed time a stress free time for us and bub.
She has a nurturing and holistic approach and really listens to your unique situation. Would highly recommend her!

Parents of a 13month old:
It’s now been 3 days of drifting off to sleep peacefully for each nap and bedtime!
I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough! She was so patient and encouraged me to follow my mum instincts. It took time but I was only comfortable doing it slowly and Sarah allows for that in the process.

Parents of a 16month old:
"Thank you for enabling us to watch TV with sound, not just subtitles, talk, not whisper and my back has never felt better; no more rocking to sleep! Your worth your weight in gold and we cannot recommend you highly enough, thank you Sarah!"

Mother of a 2.5year old
Sarah has brought back a happy routine that I desperately needed now that I have 2 children. She has made herself available, she’s been empathetic and listened to everything.
Not once have I second guessed myself as a Mum or what we are doing. If there was something I didn’t think would work for him Sarah and I would discuss till we found the right way.
I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough for what she has done. Please, if you need help with your children’s sleeps whether it be a newborn or toddler Sarah is the first person you should talk to.

Mother of a 12 month old
"Thank you Sarah, your methods are definitely actionable and very easy to follow. Even my husband is impressed with how well she is settling now!
You have literally saved our marriage!"

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